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Updated on 17/03/2014

In preparation for the 'Cloud Felts' Exhibitions in 2014, 2015, and 2016, I am working on a series of ideas based on Cloud formations, Sayings, Meanings, and Quotations that evoke notions as inspirations. This has prompted me to explore possibilities with Laser cutting and engraving my felts, and also with Acrylics. Combining the opacity of the felts and the transparency of the Acrylics has given me an additional insight into the interplay of Light and Shadow, and their constant changes through lighting qualities, conditions, and directional angles - truly fascinating Worlds of Discovery and Re-discovery!

A selection of these will be on display in my Solo Exhibition, '"With my Head in the Clouds" at the ICHF 'Creative Stitches' Show, SECC, Glasgow in March 2015

Some of the Developments so far

'A Cloud on the Horizon', one of a series of small compositions based on popular quotations.

Laser cut and engraved Felts

Ideas horizontal double image  'Ideas float like Clouds', Laser cut and engraved Felts on Acrylic, showing the ever-changing interplay of Light and Shadow

'Mackeral Sky' Felt, Laser engraved with additional pencil drawing in the background, creates an optical illusion of movement and 3-dimension, as seen from different angles .

'Cloud Computing' Laser-cut Felt Compositions

'Cloud Cuckooland' Laser-engraved, cut Felts

'Cloud Cuckooland' Transfer-printed image and laser etched

Transfer printed image and Laser cut Felts

Laser etched felt

Cut Felt on Perspex, exploring the interplay of light and shadow on surfaces

Other Laser Etched Engraved Felts

'Faroe Ram' felt engraving, based on original Felt Pane

Shieling Window 'Shieling Window', laser engraved 'Nuno' Felt Panel