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Last modified on 17/03/14

Latest felt panel, available for sale on my Online Shopping site

Innovations Check out my latest developments using Laser Cutting and Engraving

Check out my costumes for 2013 'Movie Time' theme first shown on the Cat Walk at the SECC, Glasgow, and NEC, Birmingham

See latest 'Wearables' added to my Collection recently; many of which can be purchased from my Online Shopping site

Books, Kits, Materials, and so much more can be bought from my Online Shop

Newest Small Kits now in stock: 'Chicken' Felting Kit  

'Pony'( Needle-felting Kit)  

and 'Bouncer' the Dog Kit Each in a Presentation box. 12.50 each + 3.50 p&p (UK)

Newest Large Kits now in Stock: 'Sparky' the Dragon, and 'Mac Hoot' the Highland Dragon  (18.50 each + 3.50 postage UK) Everything is included in the kits for making either 'Sparky' or 'Mac Hoot' in presentation boxes. Hours of fun!

Commissions for William Simpson's Home, Plean As an 'Artist in Residence, I have also been working with Clients, creating felt panels for their new building.   This latest one is for the Cafe room.

'A Night at the Opera' Project One of my ventures in 2012!

Latest Wet-felting Kit Project Corsages  Corsage Kit

Latest Needle-felting Kits, 'Felix Fox'  

'Meerkat'  'Red Squirrel'

'Mini Cup Cake Kit'

Latest Book: 'Rapt in Felt' 


Some time ago, I received recognition for the work I had been doing at the Grange Academy, Kilmarnock during my Residency and afterwards. I was much moved by the sincerity of the praise given, which to me showed the validity of schemes like 'Curricula for Excellence' and 'Cross-curricula' activities that are being supported by East Ayrshire Council for the enrichment of learning experiences by Staff and students alike. In these times of financial austerity the funding of such schemes by which practicing professionals work alongside and with Staff and students, should be applauded, for their insight and expertise are an investment in the future success and well-being of our Society. Thank you. I am proud and delighted to have been able to make a contribution to our Future.

Latest Project at Grange Academy Midsummer 01 Midsummer Group Midsummer 02

 Recent Commission work progress and completion

Scottish Heritage Standards - a celebration of Scottish Heritage, History and Culture, created by members of the Scottish Felters (a branch of the International Feltmakers Association), under the leadership of Ewa Kuniczak, assisted by Ann Ross

Painting with Fibres 

Felting Needles and Needled Merino Sheets for felting Needle Holders and Felting Mats

Interlocking Needle Felting Pads

Light, Space and Structure

Another Addition: 'Mini Fairy' Needle Felting Kit

Mini Fairy Kit More details

Check out my other Wet Felting Kits, in presentation boxes -

  • 'Bead Bracelets and Necklaces' Bead Necklace and Bracelets Kit.

  • 'Cord Bracelets and Necklaces' Cord Bracelets and Necklaces Kit

  • 'Millefiori' Necklaces and Bracelets Millefiori Necklace and Bracelet Kit.

New Needle Felting Kits in presentation boxes: 'Cosmic Kitty Kit', 'Fredbear' Kit, 'Honey Bear'

Cosmic Kitty Fredbear Honey Bear Kit  Kits on sale now 

Check out my recent books - 'Rapt in Felt' - available from my Online Shopping Site

  • 'Needle to Felt': Dry to Wet-felting Techniques, published August 2009, available directly from me - Priced at 16 + 4.50 (UK) postage, Overseas postage 6.50

Needle to Felt book

  • 'Fancy Feet and Magic Mitts: Seamless Felting Projects', published September 2008, and available directly from me - Priced at 19.50 (including UK postage) 22.50 (Overseas)

Fancy Feet & Magic Mitts

  • 'Start to Felt', published by Search Press, available from Book Sellers, worldwide - priced at only 6.99 (UK) and (US) $10.95 - what a fantastic price for so much useful and exciting information! Review

Recent Creations

'Psycho-delic Cat' Scarf, created using 'Crepe' felt techniques, with additional bead details - the beginning of a new series of 'Flat Cat' scarves. More designs

'Spiral Fantasy' neckpiece, created using 'Nuno' felting techniques, with additional beading - the beginning of a new series of spiral neckwear. More Designs


Hats that can light up your life! I worked on the idea of hats that can light up - ideal for evening wear (or helping you see in the dark!). 'Shooting Star', features battery operated lights, and will be shown during the 'Crowning Glory' Travelling Exhibition throughout 2008 and 2009.

Check out details of my Solo Exhibition - 'Journeys: Realities and Imaginings'  shown at Birnam Arts Centre, throughout July 2007

'Hatwalk in Wonderland' was staged in St. Stephen's Church in Edinburgh on 6th and 7th June, 2008 - giving 2 matinees and 2 evening performances.


This time my theme was the 'Cosmos', when I explored the notion of creating hats that were lit, evoking stars, planets, and such phenomena as 'Northern Lights', 'Southern Lights', and 'Green Flashes' seen at sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

All the stars

Constellations Green flash Jupiter Mars Southern Lights Starburst Northern Lights Starstruck and Cosmos

See my designs at previous 'Hatwalk' events

I have also developed ideas for one of my books, 'Felt Figures Great and Small', which prompted me to explore figures and glove puppets, using wet and dry felting methods.

See other Fibre Sculptures [click here]

One of my ongoing projects is working on figures for an 'aerobics team'. Gosh it's hard work getting slim!

Less strenuous are my current creatures which are fun to make, and are  fairly uncomplicated. Click here for details

Latest additions to my animal 'Kingdom' - Dragons, and New Improved Dragon Kits!

Want to buy the completed animals? [Click here]

New Boxed Needle Felting Kits - 'Springtime', 'Garden', 'Seascape', 'Woodland', 'Rainbow Dragon', 'Jolly Green Dragon', 'Custard, the Magic Dragon', 'Rhubarb, the Dragon', 'Summertime', 'Funky Frog', 'Ewen the Sheep', 'Autumn Time', 'Winter Time', 'Puffin and Penguin', 'Punk Pig', 'Highland Cow', 'Felix Fox', 'Bouncer' the Dog, 'Pony', 'Sparky' the Dragon, 'Mac Hoot' the Dragon (complete with bagpipes!)

Springtime Kit Garden Kit Seascape Kit Woodland kit Rainbow Dragon kit Jolly Green Dragon Kit Custard the Magic Dragon Kit Rhubarb Dragon Kit Summertime Funky Frog Kit 2 resized.jpg (297823 bytes) Sheep Kit.jpg (301322 bytes) Autumn Time Kit.jpg (138732 bytes) Winter Kit Puffin and Penguin kit Punk Pig Kit Highland Cow Kit Felix Fox Kit resized.jpg (26896 bytes)

Click here for further details

Check out my latest developments in jewellery [click here]

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS I have been working on a new series of 'Book People', starting with characters from Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland', which were exhibited at the 2006 and 2007 Knitting and Stitching Shows in London, and Harrogate.   They recently caused quite a stir when they were resurrected and shown on the 'Once Upon a Time' Stand at the ICHF 'Creative Stitches' Show, SECC, Glasgow in March 2014!

Alice in Wonderland characters.jpg (91374 bytes) Red and White Queens Cheshire Cat White Knight Jabberwock

I have used old wine bottles as foundations for these figures, and have built them up with seamless felting techniques and dry needle-felting modelling. If you would like to see them in greater detail, click here.

Want to know where you can buy my products? [click here]

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