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Journeys - Realities and Imaginings - Exhibition shown at Birnam Institute Art Centre, by Dunkeld, Scotland - throughout July, 2007

  “For years I have been travelling to many parts of the World, meeting amazing people, experiencing the wonders of various Cultures and Nature, and filling my mind with notions that have fuelled my imagination. It started at a very early age when my life was uprooted by the events of World War II, that necessitated my family to leave our homeland, and seek a new life elsewhere. Britain offered us shelter, and eventually Scotland became my adopted country, whose peoples, culture and landscape so closely echo those of my ancestors.

My journeys have touched my senses and moved my very spirit so that whatever I have experienced (and continue to experience) prompts thoughts and responses so that they become journeys of the mind and body.

It is with this intention that I have brought together a selection of work to represent and express some of my adventures and discoveries to share with you – none more poignant than the realisation that after travelling all the way round the World, that the most sensational thrills were those wonders on our doorstep as a walk along the banks of the river Forth on New Year’s Day!

Adventures of the mind have also been fuelled for me through my love of Literature - Poetry, Books - and. in particular those from my childhood in the writings of Lewis Carroll. The quirky humour and fantastical characters of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass' have prompted me to create my fibre sculptures, which form part of the 'inner core exhibition' to share with children and remind adults of their richness in fuelling the imagination.

Thus opening up another World to experience - the World of the Imagination. My senses and perceptions are sharpened as I respond to where I happen to be, to what I hear, read, and say. My mind is never still, and so I am fortunate that I can express myself through a variety of different ways in graphic and sculptural terms,  fusing together Ancient and Modern techniques in the use of handmade felt and digital imagery with drawing, painting, and embroidery.”

Gallery view


Mixed media felts incorporating digital photography, painting, printing, writing, and embroidery 

Alston Rusted gate explored Doubtful Sound explored Doubtful Sound Plimmerton rocks Voice of Autumn Kincardine Mudflats rediscovered Kincardine Mudflats painting Kincardine Mudscape painting Kincardine Mudscape rediscovered Federation grids Federation squares Geodesic Federation Grids  Mull of Kintyre, I wish Mull of Kintyre Mull Variations Mulling it over NZ Tree FernNZ swamp roots.JPG (613628 bytes) Ghost Eucalypt Thermal pools explored Thro Rumbling Brdige digi painting Treeline studies Vancouver lakesideVancouver Harbour.JPG (583228 bytes)


Seamless mixed media felted techniques, using Merino wool 'Tops' and finished off with various stiffeners

Vessels display

  Pebble Vase Eucalypt vase Yarn vase  

Fibre Books

An exploration of a range of different types of book forms and constructions, using various felting methods and fibre and fabric fusions, together with painting, printing, drawing and writing, with the application of additional finishings and stiffeners. To see inside the books click here

Thermal Pools book Maori Book Milford Sound, flap book Blue Pools, flap book Mt.Cook book  Sacred Waters book  Triangle Norway book Grampians folded book  Walkabout Map Kincardine book

Fibre Sculptures: Book People

These figures, based on Lewis Carroll characters, have been made using wet and dry-needle felting techniques around an inner core of empty wine bottles, for stability.

Queens, Walrus, Carpenter Figures display Jabberwock

To see the figures in greater detail, click here

Felt Wearables

Hat and Wrap - 'Rainbow Butterfly', made by hand using Merino wool and wet felting techniques

Rainbow set

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