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Last modified on 12/06/12   



Commission for the Grange Academy, Kilmarnock

Bedcover tabbard Snugglepot hat and bag Wedding Hat Wool winder figures

(left) 'Zo's World', Bedcover with hidden pockets, featuring removable portrait figures of family members The cover was made using wet-felting techniques, and the figures were created with barbed needles, using dry felting methods.

(centre) 'Klimt Tabbard', knee length, worn over a short dress. Made from 100% Merino wool, using 'lattice' felting method.

(right) 'Titania's Crown', headpiece, created using wet felting techniques, that incorporates felted wire and seamlessly felted flowers and leaves.

(far right) 'Snugglepot' hat and bag for a child, inspired by the stories of May Gibbs

(below, left) Mrs. Paterson's wedding hat, made to match her dress and accessories

(below, right) 20 cm high, needle-felted figures on armatures

2012 Commission for the William Simpson's Care Home, Plean Scotland

5 ft Felt panels representing (left) The Past showing the Founder and the 1836 Act of Parliament for the setting up of the Home; and (right) 'The Dawn of a New Age' with the new buildings and the Future, caring for men and women. To be located in the Reception area of the main building.

I have also just completed a felt panel, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen's reign. This  will be hung in the new building soon.

A Selection of My Creations

Scarves Animal scarves

(from the left) 'Dimple Scarves', 'Coral Reef', 'Volcano', 'Marmalade Cats' Teacosies, 'Choker', 'Animal Scarves'

Solo Exhibition : Journeys - Realities and Imaginings

Mull of Kintyre

Click here to visit the exhibition

'Hatwalk' Creations

To view some of the hats and accessories that I have made for this exciting event, click on the image above.

Other work on the theme of the 'Sea', exploring hats that have been inspired by exotic fish, plants, shells, and corals.

Angel Fish hat Angel Fish hat Jaws Sea Anemone Hat

Head pieces, evoking aspects of sea life, e.g. spiral forms in certain plants and corals, sea anemones.

Spirals Sea Anemone Headwear Spiral headwear 2

While on the theme of the 'Sea, I evolved the following bag designs

Angel Fish bag Angel Fish bag

'Painting with Fibres', latest developments working with hard-to-felt wool fibres, using dry and wet felting techniques.


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