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Light, Space and Structure

An exploration of the interaction of Light and Structures, in relation to Space, carried out with groups of Adults and youngsters alike through the medium of wet felting techniques.

Space Frames that can be expanded upon to make room dividers, screens, window blinds, and covers for wall lights.

Space Frame 2 Space Frame, Darren

Light Frames that are very individual free-standing lamps.

Light Frame 1 Light Frame 2

Light covers for Candle Lights, using glass holders as foundation forms to for covering. These can also be used as vases.

Candle light cover 1

Electric Lamp Sleeves, that slip over a commercially made lamp. These are made using thicker felt layers which can be cut into and opened out to create 3-D effects, and which can also be changed to suit the room decor or personal mood.

Lamp sleeve, Darren Lamp sleeve, fine

During the Summer School at Grange Academy, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire in August 2009, we explored these concepts and during the course of the week participants produced up to 5 different projects

Grange projects 1 Grange projects 2