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May I introduce myself. 

Ewa in workshop

I was born in Poland, and after the Second World War, settled in Britain with my parents. Having graduated from Sussex University with an Honours Degree in Art Education, I taught Art and Design in Schools and Colleges for 10 years before I became involved in the wonderful world of  Textiles. By the time I completed a Postgraduate Diploma Course in Textile Art, I had discovered the even more amazing World of Felt. From then on, my whole life completed several cartwheels! My abridged C.V.

That was over 30 years ago. I became a founder member of the International Feltmakers Association, and for 10 years I was its Secretary and Editor of 'Echoes'. I experimented, travelled, and learnt traditional and modern techniques from felters near and far, and taught adults and children of all abilities in Schools, Colleges and independent Groups. Throughout this time I was also creating my own work and exhibiting in Group and Solo exhibitions in the U.K. and overseas. I also became a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen

With this expertise behind me, I decided to devote myself to my own work, and I left fulltime teaching to see if I could make it on my own. Success, followed success, so that eventually 13 years ago I launched 'Felt Head to Toe', having decided to concentrate on exploring and developing the potential of felting techniques. I am fortunate to have a very patient and loving partner, Sandy, who has been helping  me for the last 14 years. He is my home organiser, mentor, business partner, 'Exhibition roadie', and fellow traveller. We are rarely apart. He is my best friend, and without his support, sense of humour and understanding, there would be no 'felt in the kitchen'. 

Ewa and Sandy working together

We got married on 26th October, 2002, and what a great day we had with all the family!

Mr and Mrs.

This is where I do my wet felting. I work mostly on a small table, but when I have to undertake larger projects, we have to remove the furniture, and work on the floor. Like a knight in 'shining felt', Sandy helps me roll the larger pieces, as they can be physically demanding at times.

We live and work in Kincardine-on-Forth, Fife, Scotland, and must surely by the smallest business which not only has had an Internet presence for 10 years, but also supplies shops and galleries throughout the U.K., as well as exports to Japan, France and North America. 2003 saw us go Global with the launch of our Online Shopping site: http://www.feltheadtotoe.com  

 I continue to teach and lead Community Projects whenever I can. For years I have been promising my students that I would write a book, and June 2001 saw the launch of the first, of what I hoped would be a series. 'Felt in the Kitchen' is available from me and certain Retail outlets in U.K. and U.S.A. I have now followed it up with 'More Felt in the Kitchen' and 'Yet More Felt in the Kitchen', My latest book, 'Yet More Felt in the Kitchen' was launched  in October 2002 at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London. In 2003, I completed 'Felt out of the Kitchen' in collaboration with other felters whose expertise goes beyond my own. These were followed by 'Felt Figures Great and Small' , 'Sensory Deceptions', 'Head Starts''Felting Rainbows''Words to Fibre Books', and 'Painting and Sculpting with Needles - Dry Felting Developments'. All Books are available from me by Mail Order, or Online Shopping, and certain Retail Outlets in the UK and USA.

More books are in the 'pipeline'. Watch out for my next one - ' Start to Felt', published by Search Press - due in February 2008

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