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Book Reviews

Last modified on 22/08/08

This says it all, from a reader:

"Very many thanks for sending the felting books so promptly. Last  year I ordered some books from America and had to wait until March which took the gloss off my Christmas presents. Have had a great time dyeing, just a bit too hot to do any felting but can find lots of uses for the smaller items in the 'Head Starts' book. So many good ideas, the small group of fibre freaks to which I belong in Rockhampton spent the day reading the books and saying 'what a good idea', and 'why didn't we think of think?'. We are lucky that we can buy fleece so cheaply and quite often get given good quality Merino and Alpaca. The downside is that it is too hot here to wear wool so most of out stuff is given to friends and family in colder climes though we can wear slippers in the very short winter days. Thanks for writing your books they will give us hours of pleasure. Sincerely, Joyce Goble" (From the Antepodes)

Felt in the Kitchen ISBN: 0-9541143-0-2, Published June 2001

Review in 'Echoes' magazine (Issue 65 2001)

"This book is packed with first class information. Ewa has inspired many of us to develop our skills and creativity through her constant questioning, humour and seeking technical perfection. Now she continues to share her methods and vast experience in 'Felt in the Kitchen'. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced feltmaker, you will learn from Ewa who felts every day of her life! The chapters of the book lead you logically from equipment and materials, flat felt, using resists, ideas for using these techniques through to dry needle sculpting, and stitching and felting. The instructions are concise and clear to follow for first timers with helpful and attractive images, illustrating the words, but also includes hints learned from 'doing' for people who have felted before. When you order the book, you also receive three laminated 'prompt' cards which you can keep beside you as you work and not worry about picking them up with wet hands, and barbed needles for dry felting. I thoroughly recommend this lively book. It is a joy to receive, and I believe there are two more in the pipeline." Jenny Mackay 2001

More Felt in the Kitchen ISBN: 0-9541143-1-0 More Felt in the Kitchen book.jpg (16557 bytes)

Review in 'Echoes' magazine (Issue 67 2002)

"Once again Ewa has produced a book which is absolutely packed with ideas and information. "More Felt in the Kitchen" is a perfect follow on to "Felt in the Kitchen".
I am sure that we have all used lack of space as an excuse for not producing. Ewa works in an area with a floor space of 8 sq. metres! She says it is all about organising your work space and the first page of the book explains just how to do it.

We are then taken through some exciting ideas for using "painterly" effects with fibres, also lattice, trellis and "nuno" effects. The next section deals with dyes and dyeing including particularly interesting techniques of resist dyeing. This is followed by information on seamless felts which is liberally illustrated by photographs of beautiful hats and diagrams of how to get measurements correct when making waistcoats.
The "sculpting with fibres" in this book is a wet moulding technique as the dry needle technique is covered in the first book. Ewa shows us what wonderful 3D creatures can be made using this method and even more fun can be had by adding details with a barbed needle.
The book ends with lots of useful technical tips and includes two laminated Prompt Sheets, one for Sculpting with Fibres, the other for Resist Dyeing and 1 "fine" felting needle. I would say that this book is another "must" for the enthusiastic student of felt." Jenny MacKay 2002

Yet More Felt in the Kitchen ISBN: 0-9541143-2-9

Reviewed in North American Felters' Network Newletter, March 2003, Issue 43

Felt out of the Kitchen: ISBN: 0-9541143-4-5 Book 4.jpg (348502 bytes)

Reviewed by Kathe Todd-Hooker, in 'North American Felters' Network Newsletter, Feb/March 2004, Issue 47

'Felt Figures Great and Small' ISBN : 0-9541143-3-7 Book 5.jpg (95978 bytes)

'Craftsman' magazine, August 2004 article on pages 42 and 43:

"...............Ewa's most recent book, Felt Figures Great and Small' introduces a comprehensive collection of wet and dry felting methods for small and large scale projects, puppetry and masks. It's an ideal source of information for artists, teachers and everyone who wishes to explore new possibilities with 3-D figurative work. Ewa prints her books in colour throughout, with lots of images to clearly illustrate her instructions. By comb binding the book, she ensures that it will lay flat for easy reference when working from it."

'Textile Fibre Forum', No. 76, 2004: Janet De Boer

'The next book from Ewa Kuniczak of Scotland (who will be a tutor at the Geelong Forum 2005) is another exemplary effort in self publishing. She is a keen author who already has several new titles lined up - in April 2004 she produced Felt Figures: Great and Small: Wet and Dry Sculpting Techniques, ring binding; separate prompt sheet; 63pp in A4 size; full colour; 20 plus 4 airmail postage, from the author at Felt Head to Toe, 23, Glebe Road, Kincardine-on-Forth, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, FK10 4QB. Tel/FAx: 01259-730779; ewa@feltheadtotoe.co.uk Chapters on armatures, foam foundations, resist wet felted figures, glove puppets, masks, technical tips - and an artists' showcase. The presentation is fun and lively and the resulting figures and masks have great appeal in particular. Considerable care has been taken to guide you through all the necessary steps; this seems an especially useful text for learning at home, and/or for art teachers who wish to involve their students in the addictive processes of felting - and indulge themselves too."

'Sensory Deceptions' ISBN: 0-9541143-5-3

To be reviewed in 'Textile Fibre Forum' magazine, TAFTA, Australia

'Start to Felt' ISBN: 978 1 8448 262 7, published by Search Press 2008

'In her lively new book, Ewa Kuniczak brings the colourful world of textiles to young people, teaching them the ancient craft of feltmaking. Here she presents a great collection of fun projects including fabulous jewellery and brilliant bags, plus ideas for developing the techniques shown into even more creative projects. Aimed at 10-14 years olds, would-be felt makers of any age would find the step-by-step instructions and colour illustrations both helpful and inspiring!'

Review in 'Craftsman Craft and Design' Magazine, Issue 199, September/October 2008


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